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Quick Vegan Pesto Pasta

Isolation Day??? I’ve lost Count!

I’ve now lost count of the number of days we have been in Isolation. However, this week it’s been like the “before”. I have been running around like a headless chook up to 12 hours a day making sauces. Hrmm, with all that running around, maybe I should check the scales!

Yesterday I had to make 2 different batches of pasta sauces, it takes all up 10 hours to make pasta sauces. I also had to peel and pickle 20kgs of onions! yay! After making pasta sauce and pickling onions, I was exhausted.

I really didn’t want to cook dinner but I didn’t have the money to get take out, so I had to think of something super quick, tasty and filling.

I had steaks defrosted and decided to make myself and the kids a side of pasta using Hov’s Pesto Style Pasta Sauce .

Success .. It ticked all the boxes .. Quick, super easy, filling and most important – kids ate all their dinner and there were no leftovers. Yay!

Today, another busy day. I have a relish day today as we are almost out. That means more sanitising jars and lids, and need to clean the house, do the washing and then think of something for dinner again. Ahh the joys of it! haha

Simple pasta with Hov’s Pesto Style Pasta Sauce

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