Napoli Pasta Sauce
Pasta Sauce

It’s ALL About the Sauce!

Napoli Pasta Sauce
Hov’s Kitchen Napoli Sauce

For years I had been cheffing for Restaurants, Aged care homes, Children’s camps and then into Childcare (Where I also got my diploma for childcare and education) but cooking at these services and cooking at home is totally different.

Nothing beats a good homestyle, home cooked meal and I have taken my signature Napolitana sauce to the next level and you can now buy it.  To keep with our chilli theme I used Bullhorn capsicums which is a little sweeter than a regular capsicum and it has no heat, the end result is delicious.

It all starts with the tomatoes, I find the best tomatoes are Roma tomatoes to make a good sauce. Just cross them, blanch them, then strip them nudie. Takes a while, but the end result is totally worth all the work that goes into the sauce. Add the secret herbs and spices and then simmer for 6-7 hours.

Roma Tomatoes ready for blanching and peeling
Nudie Tomatoes

The end result looks a little something like this ..

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Only 5 hours from this stage before its good to go!

Napolitana sauce is so versatile, it can be used for many different dishes. It can go on as a pizza base, of course with pasta, add it to cooked mince beef or pork. Can also be used in Risotto, on a parma and lots more.

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Not much more I can say about this sauce. Classic flavours, slow cooked, Yum! You need to try it – beats any of the crap you buy at the supermarkets.


Simple and Quick Spaghetti

Boil the pasta according to directions on the packet.

Drain the pasta and add it back to the pot.

Add Hov’s Napoli Sauce to the spaghetti and put back on the heat of the stove. Stir until the pasta sauce is hot.

Serve in bowls with a bit of basil on top and maybe a side of garlic bread.

This is for the pasta I have used in the photo. Of course you can cook some minced pork or beef until browned, then add the jar of Hov’s Napoli Pasta Sauce and simmer for around 8-10 minutes.


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