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What is new in the world of Hov’s Chilli House? We’ve recently had a lot of time on our hands, gone are the days of working 7 days a week and not having time to scratch ourselves.  So with all this extra time, Hov’s Chilli House is getting a complete makeover.

First, we have a whole new range of pasta sauces, our first pasta sauce did so well, we thought .. Well, let’s give it a go with a whole range. I am a happy camper with how well the Napoli pasta sauce sold. What we found was when one person bought one, they came back and bought 5 or 6 in one go. 

The new range includes Napoli, Arrabbiata, Garden Vegetable (which contains no onion or garlic), Mediterranean, Pesto style green tomato and pesto style semi dried tomato. All of these sauces are still vegan and gluten free.

Other changes will be new labels, new bottles/jars and now because we sell stuff that has no chilli in it, we’ve decided on one massive change. Yes, we are changing our name. We will still be the same Hov’s as you know us with our chilli sauces – but our new name is Hov’s Kitchen. 

We still have our range of chilli sauces but all sauces even the Burning Reaper and Triple 6, will now be in the same sized bottle as all other sauces.  We’ve also listened to our customers and now we will also have non chilli pickled onions along with the chilli pickled onions.

We hope we haven’t totally confused you with all the changes .. However, changes can be a good thing right!


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